Almost everyone today we have a electric heater ; it is used to heat small rooms , but even the bathroom if you do not want to wash in the cold. It is small in size stoves that consume little energy, but have a disadvantage: they get dirty easily and with time no longer work. This guide will give you the correct information on how to clean the electric heater to extend its life.

If after a while ‘the electric heater that is turned on is off, then it’s time to clean it. We realize that we can see why looking backlit dust accumulated inside. The electric heaters aspire air from the back to warm inside. However, with the air they are sucked even dust particles; they accumulate with time and does not allow the mechanism to cool properly. This is why the stove occasionally crashes. We must get a screwdriver and a pair of brushes , possibly of different sizes; we need then a rag in order to complete the procedure.

The first thing to do is unplug the heater from the electrical outlet to work in complete safety. Then turn the back of the heater towards us and the adagio on a table top. At the rear there are the screws that hold the two half that make up the appliance. The number of screws varies by model of the stove, usually all correspond to a screwdriver. Screws Remove all the screws and put aside; now the rear half and front may move, the fan instead remains fixed to the base.

To clean the stove must take a cloth slightly wet and we have to pass through the slots. To do this we use the handle of a brush to reach all corners. Alternatively we can wash the two sides under running water, but cleanliness is inaccurate because the sponge does not reach everywhere. Plastic parts should be left to dry; you should check that there are no more water left when the remount. For the fan and the electric mechanism inside must not use water. We have to take two brushes and gently remove any accumulated dust; we use a smaller brush to reach the smaller areas . The large brush , instead, we use it to clean the fan itself . When we removed all the dust we must use a hair dryer to remove the lumps of powder. Now it’s time to replace the stove to use it.