The windows in general are always very expensive, especially for a new installation and repairs. That’s why you have a great car. The three most commonly used materials are known and the PVC, aluminum and wood. The first two are in need of maintenance because lighter with time and the weather is ruining lower than those made ​​of wood, while they get a bit costs for purchasing and installation. It also uses steel, but in smaller quantities because of the price. If you have wooden shutters know much dust and get dirty very easily, also the time and the elements so that they lose their luster and original color. There is an easy way to clean and maintain your shiny shutters.


The first thing you need to do is sprinkle well, going into every crevice and / or draft. You can use a cloth or even a duster that cleans more easily between the many slots in the wood of your fixtures. Ensure that you have performed this task, so meticulous because it is very important to accurately proceed with washing.

Now you can fill a basin of warm water, adding a little detergent for dishes, which tends to decrease and remove any residue from the surface of freshly dusted. You can also use the products sold specifically for the wood, to be diluted or to be used directly on the surface. Do not use sponges and scouring pads or abrasive cleaners to avoid damaging the wood of your shutters. I highly recommend you do not leave them “dripping” but just enough to wet them.

When they are dry you can proceed by applying with a brush the straw oil or other product affixed to the timbre (you find them easily on the market in stores or hardware stores “do it yourself”). Do not rush, but try to pass the brush, not too soaked in every corner of the blinds evenly and let it dry. I recommend not to rub or grossly irregular but follow the line of the cue and the wood does not produce plays of color or rows of brush strokes, which could ruin your “masterpiece”.