The exhaust pipes of bathrooms and kitchens can become blocked for various reasons, in the time scale due to the limestone, and the organic material that ends up in them (food, in the kitchen, hair in the bathroom etc), they end up clogging the pipes causing odor problems and outflow of sewage. Let’s see, how to maintain, clean and possibly repair the drains.

The first rule to be respected, as in all things, is prevention. The exhaust systems with the right slope and the right caliber of pipes , will tend to clog less, also try to minimize the slip of substances clogging in the tubes, using appropriate protective grids that capture the material effectively, preventing end in the tubes exhaust. Periodically implemented adequate drain cleaning, using special products and hot water, while in the boxes passionate inserted a tube and slide water in a robust way.


If it is a clogged sink in the kitchen or health, the first thing you are going to clean the siphon , disassembling or inspecting the cap on the back, below the same. Often the siphons are easy to remove but if you are very experienced you can try, with an acid clearing blocked drains, however, quoting your special gloves, and observing all the instructions that you will find on the packaging. You’ll have to act the acid for about thirty minutes and then to flow plenty of water, preferably hot. If that was not enough you will have to disassemble the trap of the kitchen, in the bathroom while you try to open the box siphon and clean it carefully, then let it slide inside special acid, leave for thirty minutes and rinse. If this system does not work you will need to obtain a suction pump and try to remove any obstacles present.

As for repairs, the method with which to proceed will depend on the discharge in question and the type of damage present case that it has broken a siphon you can replace. In the kitchen you can take a siphon plastic, very easy to fit and inexpensive material, such siphon uses lock nut threaded ring that allow you to lock it in place while keeping it perfectly if the damage is present in exhausts walled, as are eg: sewage, you will need to intervene Also on the wall, removing a portion of the floor These operations require the intervention of experienced staff although currently, there are drains with PVC coupling, easier to use, even for those who want to try their hand at DIY.