The bamboo furniture is a very unique furniture that can beautify your home both inside and outside (on a terrace or in the garden). This material is shiny and nice but needs a special cleaning . Read these simple tips on how to clean your bamboo furniture to keep them at their best.

The first thing to do to perform this cleaning (which you should repeat at least once a week and even more so if the furniture are located outdoors) is placed under them sheets of newspaper. It helps you in this the fact that the furniture they are quite light. After the furniture has been placed on the sheets you can choose from various alternatives. All are effective for which it depends on what you have at home. There are several techniques to perform this cleaning, and all include the use of natural substances . Let’s see them all.


Whichever method you choose to adopt before dusting the furniture. Powder residue typically lurks among the inlays of wood. Clean above the dirt is completely useless and even harmful because it does nothing but dirt settle. You can do it with a rag or help with a small handheld vacuum cleaner, those for the crumbs. At this point you are ready for cleaning. An environmentally friendly way is to jump on the furniture a cloth soaked in warm water and lemon juice . Lemon juice has notes lightening properties and is used to maintain the natural luster of the furniture. Then let it air dry.

The natural alternative to this first method is to dissolve in warm water a pinch of salt or soap . He then goes on again well rinsed sponge on the cabinet to remove any debris (especially if you use salt). Do not be fooled by the fact that the salt (or lemon) are natural substances: they have a powerful lightening effect and corrosive.

If the furniture is dirty due to soft drinks can clean everything with hot water but with bicarbonate (known to have properties descaling ). Remember to always rinse it with a sponge wrung out. Bamboo absorbs water and this could make it swell and warp. The beauty of bamboo furniture (besides aesthetics) is that it does not require the use of chemicals (which could ruin them). In this way you keep your house clean and do the same good to the environment.