The carpets are in contact with the floor every day, so inevitably accumulate large amounts of dust and dirt, especially if they are in the most challenging areas of the home such as the kitchen and the bathroom. There are carpets of various materials and not all require the same type of cleaning, it’s easy to use a cleanser wrong and ruin a nice carpet forever. Let us see together how to clean carpet in the best possible way.

The normal maintenance of carpets is to remove the dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner or daily cleaner. In the absence of these, you can use a sturdy broom sorghum. An operation is necessary to beat the rugs outdoors with the carpet beater. Then you have the carpets in the balcony or in a railing outside and whisk both from the right from the wrong that. Do this with energy so as to remove much of the dust. This operation must be performed often enough, so as to ensure a constant cleaning of the carpet , the hygiene of our floors and prevent dust allergies.


Carpets easier to deal with are those composed of cotton webbing and those without sponge plastics, which are generally used in the bathroom. These types of rugs, they can be easily washed in the washing machine and let it dry in the sun. Whisk often and let them outdoors on a daily basis to prevent mold.

Even the rugs are easy to clean plastic: it will be sufficient to wash them with water and decreasing products (products to clean the floors of the house are fine), rub with a brush and allow to dry. If it was this mold you can remove it with the diluted bleach. Leave the bleach in contact with the mat for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Different speech, is for the carpets of value, the Persians and woven carpets. To clean a Persian rug is necessary, first of all, slam as described above. Then place it on the ground and brush it with energy so as to remove scale and stains more consistent.