The most effective method for maintaining a clean carpet, is to suck regularly (at least once a week), thereby preventing an accumulation of dust or debris which attack and break down the fibers. To remove stains, mix half a scoop of washing powder with a little water, soak a dry cloth with the mixture and wipe the cloth on the stain. Let stand for a few minutes and dab with a cloth wet with just water. In the following guide you will learn how to clean and sanitize the carpets in the correct manner.

Before vacuuming the carpet, put a new bag in the cleaner, so as to leave no powder residue; spent vacuuming the carpet twice and in opposite directions, as it is the best way to capture all of the dirt. Rub a small area of the carpet with a cloth wet to collect the rest of the dirt.


Treat stains more difficult, leaving the carpet to soak for five minutes in a solution of soap powder and water, rub the stains insistently, dabbing with a cloth until the treated area is not clean. Immerse the carpet only in water and brushed with a brush on the stains, so as to totally remove the soap. Once you have finished cleaning, put the carpet to dry (for faster drying, we recommend the use of a fan).

To see if the carpet is spotless, will enact the same smell of detergent with which it has been washed. Apply a protective spray to prevent future stains penetrate into deep into the carpet, thus allowing easy removal. Another way to clean a carpet effectively, is to use a steam vacuum cleaner that has a central heating to keep the water hot (it is important to loosen the dirt and fight germs). Add water a protective deodorant for a more thorough cleaning.

For stubborn stains, create a scrub, by placing a drop of vinegar (or soda) on a cloth dampened with water, dab the stain and rinse the treated area only. If the carpet poses an unpleasant odor, sprinkle with baking soda and let stand for a few hours, finally sucked baking soda with a vacuum cleaner.