We’re ready for you this guide that contains the instructions for making a good cleaning of windows and doors, with no trace nor marks. Following table shows the methods of cleaning wood, shiny lacquered wood, aluminum, using products easily available in the market that will give you an impeccably clean and fast!

You get better results if you wash the doors from the bottom up, then rinse from the top down and dry immediately. If your doors are wooden glazed tend to turn yellow with time or with exposure to external agents such system, for example, smoking or cooking fumes. To avoid ruin, clean them often with a damp microfiber cloth and a small splash of mild degrees or simply vinegar. For cleaning use a mild detergent deeper, but you’re going to concentrate diluted in water and will use on a cloth wrung out.


If you have polished wooden doors, dust constantly with a cloth or a feather duster polyunsaturated and, if stained, using specific products for wood and a damp cloth. Always immediately dries the surface and, at the end, go for a wax wood color that is best suited to your fixtures.

But if you have wooden doors, white, then wash them with bran water, lukewarm, or Palestrina with half a raw potato. You will get good results with baking soda and water (1 tablespoon per liter) diluted with water or mere mild bleach. Regarding the hinges creak, unwilling with a brush soaked with special oil. Remember not to use cooking oil or natural which tends to solidify in the cold, otherwise you’ll get the opposite effect. Once past the oil, open and close the frame several times to ensure that the product penetrates throughout the hinge.

If your doors rub on the ground, passing the blade of a knife between the door and the floor or put a sheet of coarse sandpaper on the floor, with part of the abrasive at the top, and pass him the door back and forth until it will be released by potholes. Or turn up the swing hinge and introduce the hinge in one or two rings of brass, thus relieving the door of a few millimeters. Locks can lubricate with special oil.