The pvc flooring can be installed in your home, office or in high traffic area. This material is often chosen for the ease with which you can clean it and for the restoration work that can be performed when the dirt is more intense. There are therefore two remedies to clean it and each of them should be applied depending on the degree of dirt accumulation. Here are some tips on how to clean pvc floors .

The two great enemies of PVC are the dirt and chemicals. The first is formed by the simple passage of the shoes, and the friction between rubber and rubber, while the latter may be caused by careless use of chemicals such as hairspray, acetone, or even food and drink. To maintain a pvc flooring clean and long, it should be wiped daily with a soft broom and water. When the dirt is hard to remove accumulated, you can use the liquid soap and no dyes, dissolved in boiling water and applied with a soft cloth.


For stubborn stains, we have to use the special detergent composed of substances other than soap based and enriched with wax . The latter is in fact one of the main elements that allow to realize the pvc. The application must be done with spraying this product on the floor and then, after about twenty minutes without rinsing simply a clean cloth to wipe it off, and with it the dirt captured by the detergent. At this point the cleanup is completed with a clean cloth of wool that gives back a touch of gloss to the floor. It is also recommended not clean the floor with plenty of water as in the case of lifting a piece of pvc at any point of the room, the infiltration of water to overflow could result in the detachment of the panels due to failure of the adhesive that holds them together, and that could be affected by excess fluid.

The cleaning of the floors in pvc, in case of persistent stains occurred in a slightly different way must in fact, if there are stains and scratches, cater to pay a specific product that has the function to dissolve almost all types of stains and at the same time is useful as being a kind of pvc liquid fills the gaps that have been created or natural. Also this product is wax based so after the application and the ‘ waiting for the time necessary to promote the cleansing action is to be distributed uniformly on the floor with an electric polisher with brushes of felt with the same, at the end of the roughing operation, the floor is polished in pvc with the application in the underlying part of earphones of wool with the latter intervention semi-abrasive, even persistent stains on the floor pvc disappear and the structure returns to be shiny and bright as the first day.