With the approach of summer gardens and terraces become the busiest parts of our homes and exploited. To fully enjoy a pleasant and comfortable space for us and friends, it is essential that they are ordered, well organized and clean. The garden furniture, when it has first been kept indoors and protected in the winter months, need a deep and thorough cleaning to be able to bring them back to their original splendor. In this guide, in fact, with a few simple steps, I will show you how to clean garden furniture, providing all the information necessary to prepare them better to the summer. So let’s see how to clean furniture.

how to clean furniture

First, the easiest to clean are undoubtedly the furniture in plastic or resin, precisely because they are made ​​of materials which by their nature are not easy to wear. If your garden furniture belong to this category, proceed as follows. After removing coarse dirt and encrusted (you can use a garden hose itself), equip yourself with a bucket filled with warm water in which you have dissolved a bit ‘of detergent or soap flakes, then use a sponge big and strong, then rinse carefully with a cotton cloth. You will see that in no time at all your furniture will return shiny and fragrant.

Some extra care and precaution are necessary for the garden furniture in wood, although they are made ​​of hard wood, resistant and specially treated to withstand external agents; here’s how. Pour on the surface a bit ‘of neutral detergent specifically for delicate furniture and rub vigorously, but without exerting too much pressure, with the help of a brush with soft bristles, excellent for removing dirt.

Let us finally to the garden furniture in wicker and rattan, which should be washed and rubbed with a brush dipped in hot water and laundry soap; drying must be done outdoors, but not in direct sunlight. We conclude with the textile: the covers for outdoor are generally machine washable, alternatively, may be immersed in cold or lukewarm water with dissolved a pinch of detergent. By following these few simple steps, you will succeed in no time to clean your furniture, making them return as new! Good work!