This guide will explain how to proceed in the most appropriate way to clean hardwood floors. Each type of material it requires special care and attention in order to last and maintain its original beauty. Procedure is quite simple, one needs attention and a little practice.

To remove the wooden floor dust, hair and pet hair, it is useful to use a soft cloth microfiber. To clean the area instead of the baseboard will need a vacuum cleaner. Another very effective method is to take an old bottle with spray dispenser and pour it into the water mixed with the soap of Marseille, stirring thoroughly. Sprinkling a small amount on the Bedford Mills hardwood flooring and then going to rub, you will get a shiny wood. Remember to rinse perfectly to avoid leaving unsightly streaks.

Then take a microfiber glove natural fringes and stick it in the handle of a broom. With this brush do-it-yourself you’re going to polish the floor thoroughly, being careful not to raise the rag from the ground because of dirty gritty residue may remain stuck in the fringe and scratches. With the vacuum cleaner hose without any device installed in its end by a strong jet of air along the perimeter of the room, taking up dust and dirt nested in the crevices of baseboards or door jambs.


Once you have completed this deep cleansing, you can finish the job by passing the wax polish , of course choosing the specific type for wooden floors. It put a small amount at a time on a clean cotton cloth or a chamois cloth, then proceed to distribute, being careful to always follow the lines of the wood grain. Hand move forward, let the floor behind you to dry. If necessary, you can apply a second coat, but only after all the area has dried to perfection. The polishing machine in this case is highly recommended, although certainly more convenient.