The wood of a piece of furniture when it is great value , should be treated in a different way and not with cleaning materials that may damage causing corrosion or eliminating the patina that characterizes it. A mobile wax all in all it can be cleaned with a rag wool slightly moistened in the same material , but when it has to do with polished wood in particular, opacizzabile and easily prone to scratches , then you need to take action, using appropriate materials. Here is a guide that describes how to clean the hardwood .

When it comes to hardwood immediately think of antique furniture covered with burls such as mahogany, cherry, rosewood and yours. The characteristic of these woods is to be polished so as to bring out all the detail, which are almost always natural grain with colors and shapes nothing short of amazing. The fine wood veneers then, are polished to swab with alcohol and shellac.


The home environments are frequently subject to accumulate dust and dirt especially if you live in areas in close contact with nature. Even the sun, can damage a piece of furniture of great value , discoloring the wood with the warmth of its rays. The maintenance of these woods is so crucial to a good conservation over time. Remove dust or stains from fine wood, it should be done with a special cleaning. First of all, should not be used detergents or soaps that tend to opacity and eliminate the shine, it is essential then a pad made ​​of canvas with inside padding, alcohol and a pinch of baking soda to thoroughly clean the wood.

In this way it simultaneously performs the cleaning action and that of polishing. Many restorers fact, together with the Mobile also deliver the swab recommending to use it for routine cleanings. Before we get to this cleansing treatment, it is appropriate to protect the fine wood furniture (a table) with a tablecloth big enough and periodically remove dust with a feather duster, since right in the dust can harbor threats to the health of the wood as the worms that in non-aseptic find fertile ground.

If a fine wood of the house is of an entirely different structure and coating type natural wood ( oak or chestnut ), it should be revived with straw oil applied with a brush, left laying and then clean with a damp soft wool that eliminates impurities, restores tone and plays a vital moisturizing function.