Your old childhood friends you have called saying that they would arrive in your city in 10 minutes and that they would like to visit you? Have the house which is a complete disaster because the night before you were late and have not had time to reorder? The watchword is: do not panic! Follow this simple guide that will teach you how to clean your home in 10 minutes. Well, of course it would be better to read the guide before, if you do not want the time at your disposal to decline further. better read as a precaution, you Excellent for the worst and you will know how to deal with the enemy!

Gather the forces

Ask for help to anyone in the house at the time, played the trumpets, beat the dishes, risk dates her husband on television. Any kind of help is essential to succeed in the mission. Give each one a job to do and do it as quickly as possible. As you say, it’s time to take the dog out for a walk? Not a chance! Make the dog wear the flap and give you a hand too, rather. Fate of the situation, print out well in the mind map of the house and all the misplaced objects: identify, think, act!



Disorder reigns supreme, there are objects everywhere and do not know where to start. Do not waste time rearranging the cabinets and arrange the books on the shelves. Take a large basket and, with the help of the hand and the arm, drag yourself into anything that is not exactly in its place. Pick up objects with both hands and throw everything in the basket: glassware, clothing, garbage differentiated to think later, now get rid of everything that gets in your way and visually out of place.

The powder

Dust, that evil! Electrostatic cloth on the furniture by hand and very fast Do not be picky, there is no reason why your friends should look behind the tv or look over the shelves Sprinkle points jumping eye at home Have a good hand at the TV, and if it were so dirty that it requires a damp cloth , turn it on rather, the signs are visible on the screen with the TV on.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is the nightmare of every woman! Open doors, dishwasher, oven and refrigerator and fill them with all that is around on worktops. Food, dirty dishes, napkins, crumbs with a cloth pour everything in furniture and close well sure they do not explode. Get yourself a damp cloth and then pass it on surfaces quickly. Hurry, time is running out!

The bathroom

The bathroom should be cleaned and perfumed. As usual, take your basket and butterfat in everything that is around, towels, dirty clothes, bottles of soap and so on. then take a disinfectant wipe to the bathroom (you have to buy in anticipation of such moments, right? If you have not, what are you waiting for?) and pass on all surfaces. If your friends are also men, you must also pass under the toilet seat, otherwise you will have a few seconds useful for other things.

The floors

Stick with anti-static cloth in hand and ran from room to room! Do not go under furniture and behind the chairs, pass it all around and hurry! Keep still a disinfectant cloth in your pocket, if you come across any big stain on the floor, is with what you have to clean it.

The bedroom

As you say, the bedroom is a disaster? But it’s great news! So you will feel less guilty to use it as a receptacle for all the mess that you have collected in the house. Throw everything in there and shut and locked! Now everything is ready, you just need to give you a cleaned up, spray a good deodorant for rooms and you’re done!