There are little joys to which you can not simply make up. For those who love to spend their evening playing with the console with their friends who joins, more romantic, he prefers to spend time with your spouse, maybe seeing a movie on the couch. In both instances, it is the leading television, now present in every home, is, par excellence, the appliance intended for amusement and for relaxation activities. Simply because it plays such an important part, the television must always be fresh and ready to use, to allow those who admire the face of a sharp picture and clear. Let’s describe on how to clean LCD TV screen.

lcd tv

First, you must specify that there are types of cleaning: cleaning the wet and dry. The dry cleaning is to pass a microfiber cleaning cloth on the screen of your television screen LCD, pressing lightly. The advantage of this particular cloth is to easily remove the poor, without a trace. After cleaning, it is important to rinse the cloth under a stream of warm running water, then let it dry for a few hours. In this way, the cloth is removed all traces of dust and can be reused. If you do not have a microfiber cleaning cloth, you can use a tissue-thin, as long as the surface is smooth and soft: a rough surface may scratch the screen.

The method of wet cleaning has the aim to remove fingerprints and stains, formed with them. Unlike the previous method, this involves the use of special liquids, able to clean the screen, without leaving streaks. Only use distilled or demineralized water, mixed with white vinegar: create a solution by mixing two glasses of water with half a cup of white vinegar and put the resolution in a sprayer bottle. Vaporize the liquid to the microfiber cleaning cloth and proceed to wipe the screen, making circular movements.

If you desire to apply a stronger result, for instance, in case you were on vacation and have not been able to unclutter the screen of your TV as far aside from habitation, you can buy a specific product for LCD screens. These solutions are based on vegetable oils, which you can find for sale is the largest online retailers of home appliances and in chains. Again, just sprinkle a few drops of liquid on a micro fiber cloth and wipe the screen .