Marble is a precious and durable surface, characterized by particular grain and a high gloss finish. Is used both for floors and for different types of furniture such as shelves of the kitchen. Let’s see how to clean marble with natural methods sanitize at best and preserving the shiny appearance over time.

The marble and other natural stone surfaces are rather delicate and can get stained easily. Acidic substances can create halos and corrode the surface layer of the stone, then you should avoid contact with lemon and citrus in general, vinegar, wine, cola, tomatoes and similar products. It is important therefore to protect the shelf from work and immediately clean the drops that fall on marble so as to block the chemical reaction. The artificial marbles can instead also be cleaned with diluted vinegar, for safety try on a small hidden point before applying the cleaner over the entire surface.


For daily cleaning of marble and natural, especially the floors, will be sufficient to sweep coarse dirt and then polish with a microfiber cloth. It is also advisable to clean the floor with hot water to make it clean the stone and dry. In this way will prevent the accumulation of dirt and will keep the floors, bright and shiny over time. Adding a little ‘denatured alcohol to clean water will make easier and quicker drying, we can use a few drops of fragrant essential oil to leave a pleasant fragrance.

For a deeper cleansing and to eliminate the layer of fat that is deposited in time we can use hot water with Marseille soap loose inside. After insisting rubbed with care in the most difficult we have to rinse with water and dry as not to leave marks. More stubborn stains and stains are removed with baking soda dissolved in a little water, rubbing vigorously. Baking soda can also be added to the salon and water for more effective cleaning. To preserve the sheen of the floor Roll out the wax with a special helping a woolen cloth or a polishing machine.

A real beauty treatment for the marble is the cost of Spain. Simply dissolve in water to form a cream and then apply it across the surface, leaving on for at least half an hour. We will then rinse the floor with water and soap and drying thoroughly. To polish a marble, worn by time dissolve in water of pumice powder and then pass the mixture on the surface for a perfect result.