Household chores occupy every day many people who are so struggling between tea towels and detergents in order to shine in clean and fresh throughout the house. Among the household chores but there are some that require particular attention and work, otherwise you end up leaving streaks and stains. You already know that we are just talking about windows and mirrors . Especially the latter are in fact among the most difficult to clean surfaces. Many are so people who rely on solvents for mirrors , but they do not know that you can use various natural methods without paying to detergents and without breathing so harmful to health. So let’s see together in this brief but useful guide how to clean mirrors of home products with natural and efficient way .

how to clean mirrors

The first method relates to the already known for its purifying, or vinegar. The latter manages to give deep cleansing without neglecting the brilliance. Take then the vinegar, pour it in a glass or in a spray, as there is more comfortable, and add a little water to make it longer. At this point you can apply the liquid directly on the mirror to clean and then wipe with a cotton cloth or microfiber.

Another method then Anco more natural and anti waste is definitely the tea, particularly suitable especially in case of halos pacifiers. In this regard preserved the tea leaves after you have prepared your decoction or break a packet of those with whom you do the instant tea and please fit the content. How do not have to use the fresh leaves of tea but then before you use them to prepare a delicious hot drink and then perfectly clean your mirrors effectively and without waste.

Then take these tea leaves extravaganza and dip them in hot water. After a few minutes soak in the liquid the cloth to be used for washing the mirrors. This way you will have then the rag ready to go just on the surface in question. With a simple gesture you will then remove all the stains that threaten the beauty of your home, thus giving even admirable aspect of clean and care to your home; all without the use of detergents, but only with natural materials and absolutely recovery .