The sofa is one of the main items of furniture in a home, and is subject to stain for the accidental fall of liquid or solid or dirty hands, especially those of children with creams, chocolates, jams and much more. If at home, we have a sofa cloth or leather that has spots, there are specific products to remove them in an appropriate manner. In this guide, we deal then how to clean stains on the couch.

In the market, there are universal stain remover but being full of chemical additives, they can create quite a few problems on cloth or fine leathers so, you should use other natural products, especially certainly less aggressive and respectful of the quality and the fibers of the couch stained.


If the sofa which presents stains is of cloth , between the various natural products are much below the vinegar, the lemon and ammonia, particularly effective and at the same time sensitive to the cleaning of various types of tissues. The application is to use a buffer with which to circumscribe the spots, then the area affected by the treatment should be covered with talc Veto (available in pharmacy ), and finally removed with a clean brush, such as the one for clothes. These three products totally eliminate all stains generated from food and other substances. The vinegar for example, is a good solvent for jam and chocolate, lemon instead eliminates stains, rich in calcium such as drinks, and finally the ammonia is able to destroy the particles present in many chemical products such as dyes or colors. However, if the tissues are especially difficult stains such as coffee, chocolate and coloring markers or type plasticine and require a drastic treatment, then we are forced to resort to other material that although the form of the chemical is especially prevalent in the field of processing of tissues or tetrachloride. With the latter, you have to dab the stain with a cotton ball wrapped in gauze and then proceed to dry with talcum powder and removing the brush.

For leather sofas that have unsightly stains on the surface of plain water also issuing an unattractive alone, the best product is benzene , which can be normally used for lighters type zip, or you can ask the pharmacy or wholesalers to purchase the required amount. The benzene tends to remove the stain and especially the limestone and evaporates easily, but however it is very likely that even eliminating it releases a white halo. In this case, the skin goes at the end of the sofa polished with oil, flax, left in place for approximately thirty minutes, then thoroughly cleaned first with a linen cloth and then with one of wool, to obtain the typical gloss of the skin.