Steel is a compound of metals that in addition to the resistance it offers the advantage of not oxidize. When at home we have items made ​​from this material as cutlery, ashtrays and paperweights, it can happen that the surfaces become dull or in the case of cutlery you create a layer of limestone that does not go away. In this guide we are therefore engaged in how to clean the steel objects.

When a surface of a steel object has stained to clean them, you must first be washed with water and soda after that to remove the halo that remains, it is necessary the use of abrasives. In the market, there are some paste and applied on the surfaces, restores radiance to the objects.


There are, however, of the natural remedies can eliminate limescale, stains and polish their surfaces. These include lemon, ammonia and sodium bicarbonate. The lemon is definitely the best product to thoroughly remove the limestone due to the presence of citric acid that destroys and pulverizes the particles making them liquid and then eliminated altogether. Obtained the purpose of removing the limestone, to remove the halo instead, ammonia is very suitable as it contains acidic substances that melt if they are left to soak. At this juncture should help with a thin steel wool bought at a paint factory. Also solved the problem of the zones, the steel objects to be able to make them shine, should be treated with an abrasive substance. In this case should take a sponge and support us a good quantity of bicarbonate of sodium, and then rub it on steel surfaces in only one way. Baking with its micro-granules can penetrate into the small grooves or scratches and to eliminate all forms of dirt. After cleaning all objects rinse under running water, and then dried with a soft cloth before storing them in the drawer when it comes to cutlery, or whether they are moving or show pieces of great use.

When the steel surfaces are not perfectly smooth, then it is better to use some abrasive product that manages to be more emulsified. In this case you can buy a jar of solid paraffin , mixing it with a good dose of baking soda and a few drops of alcohol. In this way, you get an abrasive paste that goes applied, emulsified with the fingertips, left pose and removed with a cloth. A final rinse with water and drying with a hair dryer, give back to the object of steel its natural splendor .