The cleaning of the house, they are definitely something really essential in order to preserve the best possible hygienic conditions their homes. When it comes to cleaning perhaps you can think of to do generally powders or even a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. However in order to be able to clean in the best way is probably essential to clean with appropriate products also all those surfaces of particular materials such as for example the steel surfaces, of wood but also of aluminum. The aluminum surfaces can be cleaned in fact in many ways all more or less functional. In fact, this guide we will see how to clean the aluminum surfaces.

The first way to clean the aluminum may be to buy the commercially suitable products for the cleaning of aluminum. Often in supermarkets or otherwise provided in the shops you can find the most suitable products for special cleaning of aluminum, so maybe we will have in your hands an extremely functional and can do just the job. However, there are also home remedies at virtually no cost that can also lead to good results. A first way to clean an aluminum surface may be to put in a bowl 20 grams of olive oil and 20g of denatured ethyl alcohol. Stir the mixture well and then rub with a sponge on the aluminum surface to be cleaned. Please allow a few minutes and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. In this way, in fact, the surface may acquire a new luster.


A second way to clean an aluminum surface may be to melt in a pan of hot water a bit ‘of sodium bicarbonate , then subsequently pass the bicarbonate dissolved on the surface of aluminum perhaps using a sponge and dry for last a rotunda with a few sheets of paper. Finally, a way to clean to perfection our aluminum surface could be to squeeze depending on the size of the surface of lemons on it. The lemon has properties that allow it to wipe the surface of aluminum to perfection bringing out the shine. Once squeezed lemons to wait a few minutes and then rinse it all with very hot water.

Surely objects and aluminum surfaces may require some real care very particular, perhaps even the rest of the surfaces of other materials such as wood resorting to some home remedies can really save is perhaps also a little bit in terms of money But what can really be certain is that perfectly clean aluminum surfaces may perhaps give a new light and a new shine even in our whole house.