The bathroom, then the health, including the floor, mirror and shower possible , is the room that needs a deep cleaning and everyday more than the other rooms. Precisely for this reason it is necessary and advisable to use products much less aggressive but perfectly efficient and suitable for the use to which they are destined. In fact, use aggressive detergents can cause damage to both the metal fittings that to our own health. In this case, you should get into the habit of alternating products in great demand more rarely and in cases of absolute necessity , and eco-friendly and less aggressive, that they work efficiently every day. Here is how clean the bathroom in an environmentally friendly way .


When it comes to environmentally friendly cleaning you cannot help but think of vinegar. It actually turns out to be a valuable ally and substitute more than worthy of any other type of detergent expensive and efficient not ecological. For example, to regularly clean and daily tiles you may use very hot water mixed with vinegar. With a pair of gloves, take the rag and dip it in the bucket and then pass it over the entire surface with increased reliance on the joints between tile and the other. From time to time you may use a natural soap in place of vinegar.

Vinegar is also excellent to remove all traces of limestone. Saturate the cloth with an abundant amount of vinegar and pure past the rag on the surfaces that need a scale. Let sit for a few minutes then rinse with plenty of water. Regarding the water, will be sufficient to disperse the brush with the bicarbonate powder and then rub the same on the walls of the toilet so as to remove any fouling.

Another solution to clean the bathroom is to use the water from the pasta to which you add a glass of lemon juice or vinegar. Pour the water into the toilet then take the brush covered with baking soda and rub well to all over the walls. Another solution is the simple boiling water when you have paid a certain amount of vinegar . Finally, instead of using vinegar every day, detergents, soaps of natural or baking, you can arrange with the simple action of a particularly efficient water.