The appliances that we use at home are used to guarantee our hygiene and safety for our families. Keep them clean and ‘indispensable to prevent the spread of mites and bacteria . Let’s see how to clean the brushes of the vacuum cleaner, to use it optimally and prevent the accumulation of dirt inside the bristles.

The vacuum cleaner and electric brooms are essential to quickly clean the floors, rugs and carpet of our house, sucking debris in a few minutes. The constant and everyday use of this appliance also requires periodic maintenance of its components and the cleaning of brushes , consistently coming in contact with the dirt . First, we read the instruction sheet attached to the product if there are any special instructions for the cleaning of the appliance and how to disassemble the parts to make the task easier. In most vacuum cleaners and ‘can easily remove the brushes detaching from the main body, or remove the inner rollers covered with bristles , as in the case of vacuum-cleaned. Do not forget that, in order to maintain the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner, we will replace when necessary the bag that collects dust and, if necessary, clean the filters.


Once disassembled the brush and rollers, we begin to remove dust and hair that you were trapped. We proceed manually removing as much as possible, then cut with scissors of the points where the hair is knotted and are difficult to remove, being careful not to damage the bristles. When you remove these parts consisting of hair and dust, use an old comb with fine teeth to brush synthetic fibers. The teeth also reach the junction of the bristles, also removing the dirt that accumulates on the bottom, and ‘more difficult to remove. Rhiamon with energy, so as to remove all the deposits that have settled in time. Then take a cloth and humidification with water and bleach diluted share, then move on to the surface of the brushes and the plastic part to disinfect. We care not to wet the accessory and dry thoroughly before re-attach the vacuum and put into operation.

This operation should be carried outdoors, so as to prevent the dirt falls on the floor: in these debris accumulate fact mites and bacteria that, remaining long on the brush, then proliferate easily try to close them in a bag without putting them to contact with other surfaces and throw everything in the bin of dry waste. We clean the brushes regularly, so you can clean more easily, preventing a buildup of debris in the bristles.