In a washing the filter is one of the vital organs for its proper use and operation, if it becomes clogged, it is very likely that you flood the floor, because due to an outside agency is unable to drain away the water and then get to the exhaust pipe; also a clogged filter can compromise the quality of the wash. Have you ever had to find the floor around the washing machine covered by water? If the problem with this flooding is the filter my guide will help you to prevent this from happening a second time going to clean up this critical component.

Very often, the filter becomes clogged with dust, dirt, paper towels, or pennies, well, it is these external agents which were mentioned in the previous step. What you cannot drink the water remains in the filter, which in fact is used to prevent unwanted items go to clog the pipes. But if you go to clean the filter by these residues, this becomes clogged and water exhaust is poured on the floor.


It’s a good habit to clean the filter, although not after all the washes. The future of the washing machine is located at the bottom front of the appliance, it is usually hidden by a door that opens easily, in some models, you can find the filter under the basket, but to remedy the finding of the latter you should consult the manual of instructions of the appliance (because it varies from model to model). Precisely for this reason, the removal of the filter is blocked by a security screw that prevents our children to open the filter and flood the house. Before starting the maintenance of the filter, it is good to ensure the safety of the machine and of your person, then unplug the power plug and close the water pipe.

To clean the filter, you must first obtain a screwdriver, making sure that the tip coincides with the screw thread, namely that it is a cut or star. Once this is done, unscrew the screw to free the movement of the filter. Sweat in turn counter-clockwise and the latter extract it completely. Before opening the filter, have the foresight to spread a cloth towel or a basin (or bucket) under the washing machine, because surely come out of the water. Once you remove the filter removes all debris and reposition it. Screws tighten well and good screw, close the door and a good wash.