The fireplace is a heating system old, but still very current and effect, very common in our homes, always a great success for his visually stunning and scenic. In fact, it creates a great atmosphere in the surrounding environment of warmth and welcome, especially in rural areas and lounges. But for a proper functioning of special care and it requires some simple rules and that we must learn how to Clean the fireplace. Here is some useful information to be able to thoroughly clean.


The fundamental operation to be performed in its maintenance are three: the elimination of ash, cleaning of the chimney and surfaces. To get a good draft in fact, the chimney must be cleaned from the ashes. To remove it will need a shovel and a broom. Therefore, raise the grate in the firebox, or extract the appropriate drawer below. Then put everything in place before we take a sweep with the brush or aspire with the large nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. Should remember that the accessories of the chimney should be cleaned periodically, before passing them with sandpaper fine to remove any traces of rust and then anointing them with linseed oil and turpentine in equal parts.

To clean the chimney (which appears to be essential for its operation), we can start performing an operation, for the prevention of obstructions, which will be of great use. If the flue is blocked risk, in fact serious problems, not only does this throw smoke inside our home, but we could risk a fire break out. For this we have to buy the products that are on the market and that they should simply be added to the wood as it burns poster make their effect. Specification is recommended for cleaning instead to hire an expert in the field, since it could be very dangerous to think of acting independently.

Even the outside of the chimney should be cleaned often, so that the soot does not build up. The parties masonry them dusted with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. The marble and bricks can be cleaned instead as the floors of the same material, it is also advisable to pass them periodically with wax to preserve them by greasy stains. The wooden beams elucidation with red oil to keep them clean and prevent it from drying out.