The dream of every woman is to have a clean and bright, without spending too much time, effort and especially money. The floor is one of the most widely used surfaces and more prone to dirt, keep it clean, then, is often a costly undertaking. But, not everyone knows that, besides the expensive chemical remedies present to the market, there is a natural remedy that provides the same results, vinegar, white wine, let us see how to clean tile floors and without the use of detergents.

In a house, there may be different environments, tiles and other flooring material, and then obtain a special detergent for everyone, it is really unthinkable, it only remains to give credit to the so-called remedy grandmother and go to the nearest supermarket to buy, vinegar, white wine, easy to find, and above all economic.


Take the bucket aside, usually, to wash the floor, fill it with water and dilute inside a glass and a half of white wine vinegar. Do not go overboard with the vinegar or you may get too strong a smell that would be unpleasant. To overcome this problem, you might pour into the water a few drops of essential oils by choosing among the various fragrances on the market.

Now, there remains, which immerse the cloth inside the bucket prepared as described above, and without the need to impart much force, pass over the surfaces to be cleaned. After a few passes, the surfaces will be back bright and sanitized especially because it is known that vinegar has disinfectant properties, antibacterial and not least is a great limescale.

Grandma teaches that, in addition to vinegar, to clean the surfaces you can use baking soda which has cleansing action, especially deodorant and disinfectant. Do not underestimate, then, sponges, in nature, we can find the loofah, vegetable sponge which is a family of pumpkins. The loofah can be grown easily in your own garden and when it reaches the right size, it is collected, allowed to dry and you can use it to clean tile, wash the dishes and your body is known, in fact, for the valuable exfoliating properties. In a period of severe crisis, such as through our country, where families barely reach the end of the month, every little savings can be of relief to the already meager family budget.