Exposed to smog, the dirt, containing tools old and dusty, the garage is probably the part of the house that most arduously you manage to keep clean. To polish a garage is not as simple as it might be to clean a bathroom or living room, in fact it needs a lot of effort and even more elbow grease. If you’ve put off seeing the fat on the floor and walls full of cobwebs, read this simple guide and you’ll be able to keep your garage cleaner, tidier, and consequently, more beautiful.

Begin by giving an order to your cleaning, the first part is to clean the ceiling , then switch to the walls, the floor, finally finished rearranging everything wisely. Always start with a vigorous sweep of the surface to be cleaned, using a broom sorghum strong enough, since it is likely that you happen to have to scratch where the dirt is more durable. Sweep The ceiling, clean up from any cobwebs and incrustations, then start the hard part, to walls and floor.


After wiping the walls, wash them by passing a cloth soaked with water and a decreasing detergent , preferably with ammonia, excellent for decreasing and removing dirt of smog (Note: Some walls must be washed only with a dry, make sure to avoid damage that your type of wall can be washed with water, doing a test on a small area). The floor is the most challenging part due to the accumulation of fat and the repeated passage of vehicle wheels, so make sure you have at least two hours to spare, especially if you do not wash your garage for a long time. Sweep the floor and pass a rag soaked with water and a decreasing detergent, then repeat the procedure. This operation should be repeated at least twice a year or accumulated dirt will be very difficult to remove.

One last trick to keep clean your garage and as banal as it is effective: everything must have a place and there should be stored Pick a ‘area to be dedicated to bicycles or scooters, another for tools and old furniture, a simple shelf for helmets and bolts, etc. You soon realize that the garage will be cleaner and you will gain much more space I wish a good cleaning to all users!