The importance of limiting the use of detergents to clean the house is history: the overuse of chemicals and often useless in fact, harm the environment and our health. There are many natural systems and ecological to cleanse, purify and sanitize the household surfaces without having to resort to aggressive compounds, preparations simple to achieve with the aid of ingredients easy to find, harmless and cheap. In this guide, we suggest some very effective methods to shine the glass in a completely ecological.

One of the easiest and at the same time efficient to clean the glass doors and windows of your home is to use vinegar, do not you just have to combine in equal parts vinegar and warm water and then passed on the surface of a cloth soaked this mixture and rinse. Vinegar is a great natural cleanser, inexpensive and non-toxic, perfect for many of the daily household cleaning, the glass will be quickly and effortlessly polished, shiny and protected as long as any residual drops of rain and humidity.


Another solution is to pay a gleaming glass drop (but it’s a drop!) Of vegetable soap or Marseille or a pinch of that for the dishes in hot water and then wipe it with a cloth on the glass, drying The ideal would be to use sheets of newspaper (only newspapers) and folded “crumpled”, because the ink used for printing contains already excellent detergents (not to dirty your hands is enough to wear rubber gloves during the operation).

Alcohol pink, in addition to clean, is a powerful disinfectant perfect for use on glass Squirt a little on a cloth (microfiber or old towel that is no longer needed) or on a sheet of newspaper and pass on the glass, then, with the dry part of the same (or other cloth parts), polish the surface, you can use the same procedure to the case of windows mirrors. In not too dirty Finally, it may be sufficient hot water only wiped with a cloth and dry with a sheet newspaper. Ad However, regardless of the method you choose, remember that the windows should be washed when there is no sun and when they are not hot, otherwise they remain unsightly streaks and stains difficult to remove.