The cabinets are a part of the decor of our home very important, especially if we choose to buy furniture of great value and manufactured in the finest materials and finished products. Keeping them clean is important for both the general hygiene of the room in which they find themselves and to preserve their appearance over time. Let’s see how to maintain the cleanliness of our cabinets, particularly taking care of the high part of that more easily fills with dust, with simple and effective methods.

The cabinets are furniture usually of significant size and occupy significant space in the rooms: for this reason it is good to take care of their regular external side, to make their pleasant appearance within the room and to store them in time, especially if it is of precious furniture and value. The cabinets also are often found in the bedrooms, where we spend many hours of our day, so it is good to keep the furniture clean and healthy air to breathe without dust and odors. The first basic step to keep clean the cabinets is often ventilate the room in which they are located and keep surfaces clean surrounding, or clean the floors and the adjacent units. Place the cabinets away from light, in addition, help to preserve them better over time.


Airing daily is essential, but it is not enough to maintain the cleanliness of the cabinet must pass at least weekly with a dry cloth, the dust, the outer doors of the cabinets to remove the dust that settles on surfaces. We can help using a product specifically to remove dust, or by using antistatic cloths that collect dirt more easily. The doors and all the side parts are then dusted with care, focusing on the corners where dust tends to accumulate more, as in the case of carved wood or special machining, thus preventing the sedimentation of the dirt. If the cabinet is very high try to help with a ladder, being careful not to fall and ensuring its stability. If you do not have the scale we can buy a mount with handle for dusting cloth, in order to have a secure grip and you can make enough pressure to be able to clean.

The fixtures and accessories (keys, various applications, mirrors) must be removed when possible and treated according to the material of which they are composed. The plastic can be washed with soap and water, the mirrored surfaces and shiny instead should be cleaned with water and alcohol (or alcohol-based cleaners for glass) for not having streaks and spots. The metal parts should be cleaned with special products, taking care to protect the surrounding parts with a little ‘paper not to damage them, or removing them. To clean the brass handles can rub them with salt and lemon and then rub them with a cloth until you see completely lucid.

Paint walls periodically is very useful for cleaning the room and to prevent the plaster and debris accumulate on the upper floor of the cabinet. To maintain the cleaning of the upper part of the cabinet must spread of clean cards, also of newspapers compartment well, in order to avoid that the powder is deposited directly on the cabinet. Then just change these cards periodically, such as the seasons change, and sprinkle with care before you dispose of the new. We must take care to put the paper that it completely covers the surface and, if we use the upper part of the cabinet to store items, we pack them in plastic bags, sealed, in order to keep them clean.