The shower curtains are constantly exposed to the moisture produced by the shower soap residues, accumulation of fungal or oxidation, so that instead of using the curtain until a new discard. What better to learn how to clean the shower curtain so much longer to take advantage? Learn now!

Brushing the curtain

Although not notice the black dots characteristic rust or brown spots of oxidation, it is advisable to clean the shower curtain at least once a week, in order to prevent dirt from accumulating too much.Once you proceed to clean, soak the curtain in chlorine-enriched water and scrubbing with a brush until completely remove residues. To do this, you can also avail yourself of a bit of laundry detergent.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Another old trick of cleaning to kill germs, fungi and odor is baking soda, which can add to the water in soaked then the shower curtain, or pour ½ cup in the washing machine during the wash step. Baking has a great effect dirt remover , so if you use this method, surely not have problems when cleaning your curtains.



Also remember that vinegar is an excellent household cleaner . You can use it both to clean the shower curtains to prevent rust and mildew. For the first case, just use ½ cup of vinegar during the rinse curtain, while preventing dirt enough to prepare a solution of water and vinegar, and with her ​​SPRAY the shower curtain every day using a spray.

Clean shower curtains in the washing machine

And if you prefer to wash the shower curtains in the washing machine be aware that you should not use hot water (nor dryers) and that this could expose it to melt or crack. Instead, use cool or lukewarm water, and add ½ cup of laundry bleach, baking soda or vinegar, as the proportions like. It further considers that the shower curtain was cleaned better and more safely if the lavas with some dirty towel, so you can wash these elements together without any problem, achieving, included or better results.Clean the shower curtain is not at all difficult, especially if you prevent dirt build up, because not only much cheaper but because it will not need to let go of that shower curtain original design that you like.