The filler is used to be applied in the spaces present between the tiles , or to keep them together and prevent water from entering the joints. At the same time this material gives the wall a neater appearance. Often, however, it is possible that the existing space between the tiles are dirty or lose the original color , making the unsightly wall . However there are remedies that include the use of specific products. Here you will learn how to clean the space between the tiles.

In the market there are different products adapted for the cleaning of the spaces between the tiles. You can find both those for small tweaks that those to renovate the space. In the first case, there consignment permanent marker specific for tiles that serves to apply the color spaces. However often the problem is not solved because of the porosity present, which do not facilitate this restoration operation. In these cases it is necessary to intervene with the stucco specific .

Before proceeding with the application of the grout in the space between the tiles, you must thoroughly clean the affected area with a stone-cutter, so as to affect a deep groove. In this way, the grout will penetrate, and you will create a porous area that will encourage the taking. At this point you can proceed with opening the jar filler for tiles that have previously purchased at a point sale specializing in building materials . Necessary mixing of a small dose with the appropriate catalyst. Stucco is available in all shades of color and type, that dries on contact with air. Its use is important because, once hardened, it solidifies so much to ensure the strength and impermeability of stakeholders.

The application of the grout must be performed through the use of a large spatula about 4 cm and will have to be laid out so that it can smoothen subsequently. This method is essential, because the product will take a few minutes to solidify. Therefore, each application must clean up quickly the contour of the tiles with a soft sponge, you can then continue in this way until the end of the work. Thanks to this operation, renewal and cleaning of the spaces between the tiles, the appearance of the wall in question (bathroom, kitchen or floor) will be definitely improved.