This guide will explain step by step how to properly clean a vacuum cleaner filter. Do not talk about how you clean a vacuum cleaner bag because it is really easy and does not need to be explained. Just take the bag when full and throw it in the trash. While for those in filter is a bit more complicated for possesses a cleaning process more complex, but these have a higher yield and does not need to continuously pay to use it, compared to those in bag. In fact, every time we clean it against dust but if you think about it even the vacuum cleaner needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least once every 6/7 months to avoid the risk of change soon or decrease performance.

Before starting wanted to advise that it is necessary to empty the container of vacuum cleaner each time finished or started to use it to prevent it from ruin or decrease the performance of it. Also you can clean the tank of ‘vacuum cleaner with a damp sponge or a damp cloth to remove the dust completely. If you want you can also clean the detachable parts of the vacuum cleaner with cold water (without using any detergent), and leave to dry in the shade until it is completely dry. Council not to remove the pieces without following the manual if you do not know it because you may risk breaking them unusable.


To clean the filter of vacuum cleaner must be cleaned only and completely with cold water and no detergent because you risk damaging the filters making them useless. The filter slowly carefully remove the dust seeking help with a brush. Then place the cleaned filters to dry, and do not mount them for no reason in the vacuum cleaner until it is completely dry. If you want you can help to dry more quickly the parts and filters with a phone set to cold air (and I repeat not hot because it can damage the filters).

If you want you can also clean the vacuum motor to where it sucks air with another vacuum cleaner mounting a tube instead of the brush. I believe that this will not change anything, but if you want to really thoroughly clean your vacuum cleaner, try it. I’ll finish by saying that everything removed (parts, filters, etc.) if you have not idea of how to disassemble and reassemble consult the manual.