One problem that many (including myself) is sometimes the presence of mold on the walls of your own home or in a room of it. After a long treatment, I was able to remove the mold from the walls, so I write the guide below: to help you with the same problem. The use of some products in the guide, require protection body, to avoid any kind of infection. To clean the walls of the mold there are three methods, which I have personally tested.

1st method , perhaps the most risky, but are immediately noticeable effects. This method involves the use of bleach , which, after having spilled water on the area in which the mold is present, must be applied with care in that area. You will notice after a while that the mold is gone, so at this point after it has dried the wall, repainting your wall. Work carried out successfully! Tip: Bleach is a necessary at this stage, but it is highly recommended to buy the pure bleach in a paint factory , because the bleach available in stores detergents, contains additional products, which can cause further damage.


2nd method, the simplest, but the longest. And possible to remove the mold from the walls, including implementation of salt every day in the area where mold is present. After several days in which the walls were subjected to this treatment, you can remove the mold, like a crust on the walls. After removing the mold, paint and note that the mold is gone.

3rd method, the most obvious. Head to the hardware store and ask for a product to remove mold, the clerk will advise you of the products, choose the product that will recommend the most (of course it will cost more, but as they say, better quality, more is the price). Once back in the place where there is mold, apply the product that you have purchased in the area of the wall where there is mold. After a long time, you will notice that the mold is gone, at this point you can repaint the wall to get it back clean and perfect.