Villa with pool is a perfect combination and it is also a recurring phrase often found in magazines and catalogs that allude to luxury travel. Not to mention the fact that it is a dream that many would like to accomplish, but it is not entirely impossible. If you cannot afford your dream home, you can certainly guarantee a pool since the market has made ​​this area more accessible by creating various sizes and with the convenience of being able to install anywhere . The cost is undoubtedly an important voice that affects our choice, but we must take into account even more, of maintenance . This not only serves to make it appear more aesthetically beautiful our relaxation area, but it is of undoubted importance for the health of those who use it. In fact, the improper maintenance of the water can lead to a series of annoying physical ailments such as fungi, warts, Otis and many other infections which if not treated promptly, can cause greater damage. Therefore, do not underestimate the hygiene of our pool and we learn to recognize and clean up the murky water contaminated.


Turbid water is often due to surface deposits of dust, dirt, pollen and other particles, which contribute to the formation of algae and the so-called “green water”. There are several warning signs that can signal the degradation of the level of hygiene of our pool . Some of these are: strong smell of chlorine , clamminess, rust stains, presence of foam and water less clear. The occurrence of these problems can have several causes, but now we will see how to remedy them.

Inspect the filtering system, which must be to an extent appropriate to the volume of the pool and with a sufficient scope. In addition, we have to verify that there are no obstructions or deposits that prevent the proper aspiration of debris.

Another solution is represented by a partial replacement of water in the tank by introducing an appropriate clarifies (flocculation), about every ten days. The organic deposits can give rise to an excess of chlorinates the unpleasant lingering smell of chlorine. To eliminate the problem, we need to add chlorine dose ten times higher than normal with the pump running . This step is recommended in the evening as the sun’s rays could alter the final result. For the same reason, should not be underestimated by the pool to be cleaned with special cleaners.

Distinct from the view of the tank, suggest that you check often the water, with the appropriate instrumentation that exists on the market (pH meter, kits for chemical analysis, turbojet) are created specifically to control the hygiene standards. You should rely on reliable products and certified, for the sake of our health.