Opaque glasses, little shining especially after a heavy rain? Tired of footprints left on the glasses that stand out in the eyes? In this simple guide, we will explain in a simple and effective way, how to clean windows through the use of very few materials and organic ingredients and natural. Will we in a few steps to make one of the most unpleasant chores and boring in a simple and easy job!

Clean the glass with a touch of luster that makes it more harmonious the whole environment! The little advice in this guide, as well as being very practical can be defined as “environmentally friendly” because no ingredient and material used will be harmful for the environment. We will use necessary that you will find in our homes, avoiding the purchase of harmful chemicals, and often inefficient. Do not ever clean the windows while they are affected by direct sunlight to prevent the formation of halos.


Proceed! Sprinkle well with a microfiber cloth the frame of the windows. Fill a basin of hot water, add half a liter of water for every cup of vinegar and mix the ingredients evenly. Dip your soft cloth (in the case of frosted glass a stiff brush is more appropriate) and started to clean the glass from the top to the bottom. The vinegar has a good decreasing effect, no pollution, removes deposits of any type and make your brilliant glass.

Finally, dry the glass with the sheets of newspaper well crumpled between them, proceeding in the opposite rotational always from top to bottom. Rub vigorously to dry well, the glass must remain moist but not dry, if necessary, change the ball of newspaper and a drier. Why the newspaper? The ink of the newspaper makes glass not only highly polished, but also almost waterproof, able to slide better future raindrops. If you have very large windows in the house and you get points too high this process will be more complicated and is better equip themselves with telescopic rods that will clean thoroughly mixed. With this method, you can say goodbye to the purchase of toxic detergents little economic and respecting the environment and employing the old remedies of the mother.