To thoroughly clean our home need not mean detergents expensive, you can just inventive and some ingredients right and our home will shine like a jewel. Usually to use different cleaning products, which is not only becoming increasingly expensive, take up much space and chemicals that put them can be harmful to our health and especially for the health of our children. In this guide we will explain how to save as much as possible on ingredients for cleaning producing them directly into the house, so as to help the environment, our health and our portfolio.

Let’s start by seeing how thoroughly clean the bathroom with a product made ​​at home. To eliminate the deposits let warm water to which add two tablespoons of baking soda and two of vinegar . At this point we mix thoroughly and let the two elements are based in the water. To do this you have to wait at least two hours. To make fragrant the refrigerator instead just take half a lemon, drain and put into the salt. This quickly absorb all odors making our fridge fragrant. For the washing machine should do such a thing, you can just put in the basket and a cup of vinegar to a ride complete washing. At the end of the basket will give off a great smell and it will be ideal to wash our laundry.


Let us now turn to ink stains. For take is from the clothes you from the tissues of the house which can be the curtains and sofas, just spray the spray and wipe with a wet, you will see that the result is guaranteed. Se want instead unclog a clogged sink, you do not need special products, you can just of baking soda and vinegar to mix with of water boiling. The result will be the same product students but the cost will be practically zero.

One last tip is about how to clean the tank. Just a fact of tablets for the dishwasher to melt in boiling water with which fill the tank. After about an hour our tank will be completely scraped and fragrant, which would not have been even with the detergent more powerful. How could you do with the ingredients we have at home at the lowest price you can do various types of homemade cleaners that are non-polluting and are undoubtedly more healthy.