The parquet wood flooring is a very popular because they are aesthetically pleasing, romantic and offers good insulation heat. If taken care of is strong and durable over time, but we must put a little attention to keep it in good condition and to prevent it from being damaged irreparably if treated with the wrong products. Here is a guide on how to clean and preserve your gem wear.

Absolutely to avoid are harsh detergents, abrasives and they produce a lot of foam. Let us remember that we are rattan a natural finish. No bleach, ammonia, or acidic substances. No water in buckets or you risk that the floors to swell, deform or be lifted. No sponges or cloths abrasive. Firstly released the wooden floor dust with a soft bristle broom, electrostatic cloth or a vacuum cleaner with special brushes. Repeat this every day. It is important to keep the floors clean to avoid having to then act on the dirt resistant.


Once or twice a week to pass it with a microfiber cloth damp, well wrung out, and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. If the floor is dirty, you will require a detergent. You can choose to use a specific product for those in the market, making sure to carefully follow the dilution instructions on the label statement. prepare Or you can choose yourself a natural cleanser. In four liters of water, melt one tablespoon of baking sodium, a few slivers of soap of Marseille and a few drops of essential oil. Stir and washed with a microfiber cloth wrung out. Do not add vinegar. Do not ruin a varnished parquet oiled but one yes.

In case you instead to do with a raw parquet, the maintenance will be more complicated. You’ll have to wash it with water and a cloth wrung out well, wipe with a soft cloth, wax evenly with special products and polish. Hardwood floors, finished wax should be treated with the appropriate solvents, rinsed very well and waxed again. For a wood floor instead much ruined that shows streaking or a patina on the surface, it is necessary to carry out a rebuilding by a specialist. Whatever method you choose to follow, remember that if you take care of your hardwood floor, will last very long.