When the dust settles on the various home accessories in wood , in addition to forming the undesirable and sticky patina , also tends to penetrate into the fibers, drying them excessively and prematurely aging the furniture, besides subjecting them to unsightly cracks. How to avoid this? Nothing particularly difficult, in fact it is necessary to adequately treat the furniture Guendolen usually easy maintenance: you simply must clean properly, rubbing it periodically with appropriate products and in the next few steps will explain how to clean wood furniture.

how to clean wood furniture

Tables, dressers, chests, cabinets and much more: the furniture in wood , from the most dated to the newest. It is always characterized by a distinctive charm and especially: to be able to maintain over time beautiful and shiny, you must dedicate a few and regular care in the right way. After removing the dust from the surface with a cloth soft, clean, try to avoid costly chemicals, but homemade efficient and economical solution n this way: put in a spray a glass of water, a tablespoon of juice lemon, three / four drops of liquid Castile soap god and half a teaspoon of olive oil, then stir thoroughly all that shaking the bottle well.

Spray a sufficient amount of the solution you have prepared on the wood out and share suffered a cloth soft, rubbing the entire surface and cleaning it carefully in its entirety. Never leave wet areas and never use rags soaked with water: you risk damaging unfortunately create unsightly bulges or halos. If there are parts carved or characterized by grooves or special processing, use a small brush or a toothbrush to remove dust nestled even in small spaces.

After making a good cleaning with the system described in the previous step, wet and wring well a cloth towel and carefully pass it on the cabinet, removing any possible trace of dirt and performing at the same time a kind of rinsing. Then dried completely and accurately all that with a piece of wool, performing such a good polishing furniture. If at this point the wood is not yet sufficiently nourished and shiny, you can complete the operation by wiping little beeswax with a soft cloth and finally rubbing the treated surface with a soft cloth.