Color cut flowers in every shade you want is easy: just use the ink or food coloring.

It does not stain them in a strict sense, as florists can achieve, which is a more complicated process and final. In this case, it is most often dried flowers, to be preserved. What we offer is to give a nice color to a bouquet. It’s an easy experiment that can be achieved with children, very young, who will be delighted to participate, provided they provide clothes that are not afraid of stains and to reserve the use of the knife or shears .

The first rule is imperative: we must all white flowers, otherwise the results will not be up to your expectations. You can choose small flowers such as thrush, which is ideal for beginners, as well as lilies or roses. You, of course, the opportunity to take several kinds of flowers. The principle is simple: just put the flowers in a vase from which water has been colored. These are the petals that draw water from the vase, which will replace the sap up and down the rod, the same way we drink through a straw.


The dyes

There are two kinds of dyes: ink and food colorings. The ink is easy to find in the shops, both in supermarkets in stationery. Its price is reasonable and it is possible to make mixtures in the range of the rainbow. The disadvantage is that too high a dose, it chokes the flower that fades as it is not sufficiently hydrated. The other annoying thing are the spots, especially with children. Handle with care, so.

Food colors are a bit harder to find: you have to go to the radius helps the pastry. In supermarkets, are basic colors (red, yellow, blue, green) and for a wide variety of tones, we must ourselves be its mixtures or search on the Internet. They are also more expensive than ink. However, they are perfectly safe for children, even in case of accidental ingestion. Note that one can simply use vegetable or fruit as natural beet juice (as to color Easter eggs), orange or kiwi. But, again, the color palette is limited.


They are: a vase, dyes, a dropper, a sharp knife or a cutter, pruning shears and a measuring cup. Dilute a few drops of dye in 30 ml water. The amount depends entirely on the result you want. Therefore it is necessary to conduct several tests before the shade you want. It takes between four and ten drops, on average. For ink, never exceed ten drops, otherwise, as you pointed out above, the flower stifle. Pour this water into the jar and repeat the process until completion.

With the knife or pruning shears, cut the stem at the proper height. Do not take scissors to crush. Then a small incision of 2 to 5 cm, below, in the height direction. Place the flowers in the vase. The color appears in a day or two and then reinforces it. Of course, your flowers should remain in the colored liquid all the time that you will keep. If you replace it with clean water, they will again become white.