Paint the facade of a house is not a particularly complex, as long as you observe a few simple rules and you should organize in the best way before you start. If you are going to color outside the walls of your home, this guide we aim to bring a little help with suggestions and tips that we hope will facilitate at least part of your work.

First, a council of fundamental importance: before starting to work, regardless of the height of the building and the material of the facade, get yourself a special scaffolding that in addition to simplify the task, you will do it in conditions of greater safety. This Accordingly, we proceed as in the second facade is brick or wood. If it is a masonry facade , the first thing to do is to carefully analyze the conditions under which it pays and, only later, prepare adequately to painting. Eliminate the first residue of the old color, then correct the imperfections taking care to fill with putty, lime or cement cracks and holes, then sanded to make it smooth and precise and therefore more receptive to the surface to be covered.

Now you can move on to the dye itself. In the market there are various types of paints for exterior, including the most widely used for reasons of practicality, aesthetic and strength, are those quartz and acrylic: you choose the one that does more for you on the basis of tastes and needs personal. Started by painting the corners and edges of the facade by serving of a brush, the more suitable and precise points in “difficult”, then passed to the internal parts , for which it would be preferable to use a sliding roller , more practical and fast. A depending on the type used, may need another coat of paint .


Even in the case of a wooden facade, the first operation to be performed is to properly prepare the surface with the aid of a special paint remover , remove all traces of old paint, then sanded. Per better protect the facade and make it more resistant to weather , before the tint real pass a specific insulating and let it dry for a minimum of one day and one night (follow the directions on the package). The paint worked, regardless of the color is chosen, must be specific to wood and eventually will need to roll it out in several coats to get the desired result.