Next to the stove, grill , electric or gas ovens, considered traditional systems of cooking , there is also the microwave . The microwave is a tool to quickly thaw and warm dishes already cooked just as quickly. Proves not to be suitable, however, to the cooking of all types of plates, despite the manufacturers affirm the contrary. Just the method of operation of microwave cooking shows us what is possible or not. As the appliance functions by heating the water molecules through the magneto . The latter, is a type of high-power vacuum tube that produces microwaves. If the food to be cooked is wet, like a steak or a plate of pasta, then serve a lot of attention. As in the microwave it would dry too becoming inedible. This guide steps through easy and fast, we will see how to cook with the microwave oven .

the microwave

Not all of the tools we use in the kitchen are in the microwave. In fact we must absolutely avoid using metals. As casseroles steel, aluminum and also copper. We can use special porcelains, those that bear the symbol dedicated, the glass, but also the Pyrex. Attention to ornaments and varied designs on the glasses, dishes, ramekins, may contain metal.

In addition to melt the chocolate, crystallized honey, toast the nuts, we can safely cook all that is preparing to steam. Such as vegetables and fish, considering the important aspect that the cooking steam is very healthy, containing no fat. The microwave is also an appliance practical. It saves time and allows you to do other jobs in the kitchen. As the food placed inside does not go continuously checked or mixed. Then, under this point of view, it is advantageous.

The microwave oven also has shortcomings, or better, the operation particular, as we have seen before, inevitably leads to a noticeable dehydration of foods. Cooking tends to dry and dry the dishes and this for someone may not be pleasant. In this very simple guide we saw how to cook with the microwave oven. So if you want to heat your food in a fast and effective, this product, which is the microwave, it is very valid.