Over time, all the items of furniture tend to wear due to several factors: the continuous washing and architecture are among the most common causes that ruin in our furniture. The most affected are sofas and armchairs. As for the table are plastic chair covers to protect the underlying tissues, the couch and the chair does not have a true protective cover and tend to ruin. Are commercially –cover sofa or chair covers , which were themselves fabrics, do not have a real right to protection . And here we are getting to grips with their coating . Below we indicate how to put on a chair (or couch).

Whether you want to change the lining of the seats for wear and for the desire for something new you must obtain a stain-resistant fabric, elastic and above all it must be in harmony with the rest of the items of furniture . Today the fastest and convenient is the purchase of chair covers , which, being elastic, adjusting to any model. Being elastic, their fiber does not allow dirt to adhere easily, so the stains are easily removed. But over time you’ll run into the problem always “wear and tear” because the elastic will tend to spread and do not adhere to the shape of the object in question.


Let us arm ourselves, therefore, scissors, needle and twine and produce a coating homemade most appropriate and durable. First thing to do is to choose a suitable fabric with other coatings environment in which there is a chair: Make sure it is not too elastic. The dimensions of the fabric will vary based on the size of the chair : buy for in bit ‘in more since it will be necessary to use for decoration. Spread the coating on the chair, as if to cover it. sign Monrovia lay them well with a needle and cotton are the points where the pillow, the arms and the sides of the chair. Finally marked in length where the fabric ends to cover. Gently remove from his chair and started to brush by hand or machine plotted points. Before you can sew by hand, try as sticks and then wipe the machine.

It ‘best to go with the typing, so that the coating will be better defined with the excess fabric, blizzard your fancy: be printed or decorated or hand of the flowers and apply them here and there, far away from each other. Do not fill the casing with all the trimmings: conservation some, so that when some stains will not go away, you can cover them with these decorations and will keep the finish long.