Cover the terrace or balcony, protecting it from sun, rain or wind, it’s a good idea to create your home small spaces dedicated to relaxation, an outdoor dining area or to make some romantic winter gardens. Let’s see how you can cover the balcony of the house, choosing between different solutions available. To make a cover for their own balcony there are several possibilities, which differ in the functional, aesthetic and economic.

1) One of the most used systems is the awnings to fall, easy to install and quite inexpensive. This solution also has the privilege to shield the sun’s rays, protecting the home and making it cool the interior during the summer, but does not allow you to leverage your balcony even in winter.


2) Pergolas, simple structures joists made of wood, usually against the wall, they are particularly suitable for those who love the rustic taste and are an affordable solution especially if you choose to build a DIY pergola.In addition to insulating the outer space from the sun and weather, pergolas can also be considered a piece of furniture of great aesthetic effect. The type of coverage, with pieces of cloth, leaves, reeds, wood, tiles or plexiglass, it will depend on personal taste and the type of use that if you want to do.

3) An alternative solution sheds are made ​​of wood or aluminum roofing sheets of polycarbonate, a plastic material now widely used to make porches, pergolas or conservatories . Available in both transparent smoky help to keep the place bright and at the same time waterproof and repaired.

4) Finally, there are the panoramic windows with glass and crystal, sliding and folding, which eliminate visual barriers and allow you to live and take advantage of the open spaces in any climate, but that certainly represent a financially more challenging.

You have to remember, before any move towards a solution, which covers fixed to build on the terrace or on the balconies, you must: obtain the approval of the technical office of the municipality itself, to assess the environmental impact of the work, verify the house rules to ensure that there are no particular restrictions on the subject; hear the opinion of the owners, to ensure that everyone is in agreement, and that the realization of the project is not considered detrimental to the reputation and stability of the building.