The countertops are used for various purposes: to mark down ceilings are too high , creating structures using special contenitive pantechnicon and move the line of entrances, living rooms and bedrooms. Furthermore, to allow their interior, the insertion of special lighting equipment that contribute to effectively create, characteristic environments with a great atmosphere suggestive. Let’s see, how to create a ceiling with LED.

The first thing to do, will be to create the structure of the false ceiling, inserting the studs around the perimeter, stuck in the wall, through the aid of special stop on the wall. On the guides, going to insert the appropriate transverse beams (always in metallic material), forming part of the support structure of the ceiling. Created the basic structure, we are going to enter, one by one, the plasterboard .


Placed all panels, before closing we will have to prepare the electrical system that will use a ‘cable duct (or trace on the wall), that will be the “light point commanded you” (connected to the main switch on and off) . In light point controlled, a transformer will be connected to 12 V, with its amperage and proportionate to the number of LEDs to be installed at the ceiling. From the main duct, will depart the various branches, that will bring the current to each LED, the latter will make use of the containment with a special corrugated. Will be made ​​on the holes in plasterboard, of the specific measure determined by the size of the spotlights to be fitted. At this point, we would connect the various sections of cable, the individual spotlights.

Always remember, for a standard of basic security, to unplug the power switch off before making any connections with the power line 220 ​​V. These beautiful plants, can be realized, as well as with the help of LED also through strands of optical fiber. The procedure will be very similar, but unlike the latter, we will concentrate, in a special compartment, the light source housed in the same false ceiling , by the latter, will depart, one by one, the fiber strands optical. This other type of illumination , while being very aesthetic, will not have the degree and the lighting power of a plant LED, for this reason, will be adopted more for decorative and aesthetic purposes , rather than functional.

From time to time, in relation to the ceiling to achieve and to its specific location in the environment, will decide whether to make use of LED or the optical fiber. In certain cases, the two illumination systems can coexist in the same environment, fulfilling, in this way, both an excellent illuminating function, which aesthetics. Both lighting methods may be adopted in different types of buildings: houses, shops, hotels, clubs (clubs, discos, etc), Possessing outstanding breadth of capability and an excellent aesthetic result.