What’s more cheerful, fragrant and colorful composition with fresh flowers, to give just a touch of freshness to your home or to make a present to a loved one ? but the idea is not always much economic as it is beautiful. Mendocino a little ‘imagination and a bit of effort, we can achieve a beautiful composition with fresh flowers on their own, without spending a fortune. Here’s how.

You need:

* Jar
* Scissors florist
* Green synthetic sponge
* Roses of various colors
* Mist
* Broad leaves
* Polishing plants
* Wire

First make sure you have everything necessary to create our composition. We need a jar (also plastic), a piece of synthetic sponge green, florist shears (even cooking, provided strong beautiful, are fine) wire and the flowers that we prefer. In this guide, we will use the roses of various colors, some leafy green and also commonly called mist.


The first thing to do is to soak the synthetic sponge in the water and cut it with a knife, giving it the same shape of the jar. Make sure, however, to cut slightly smaller than the vessel, so that it can easily get inside. We can put the flowers with a strong stem like roses directly into the sponge without the risk of breaking them, after they have been cut with scissors to the desired height. For the mist, however, the speech is a bit ‘different, because the stem is thin and delicate, we can not insert it directly into the sponge with the risk of damage. To overcome this problem we create, helping with hands, a “backbone” artificial flower using wire. It is not a complicated thing, just surround the flower with the wire and twist around the stem. As soon as we have strengthened the mist, an into the help of sponge iron.

Proceed so alternating roses depending on the color and, as soon as our vessel will seem quite full and free of unsightly too many empty spaces, enrich with the mist, scattering in points at will. To give a touch of green to the composition add some leafy green, proceeding in the same way that we put the flowers, “strengthens” the leaves with the wire, if necessary. At this point, our composition is finished, and if we were able to measure out everything in harmony, the result will be very pleasant and satisfying. To embellish everything and elevate our composition with fresh flowers on a par with a ready and perfect as the ones you buy from the florist, sprinkle the leaves over a thin layer of polish plants , which make the color of the leaves of an intense dark green and brilliant.