Create a contemporary garden means to have a green space outside the door of the house relaxing and bare elements only useful for decorative purposes without a real functional purpose. The gardens of this type are not rich in flowers or of aromatic plants but are structured around the essential lines of plants from the straight trunk and modern looking furniture.

The gardens contemporaries must be especially relaxing places where you can slide a bit ‘of time in any time of day or night. You typically want to lay turf in rolls ready to speed things farms can also choose to self-sow in the grass. There shall be no pots or flower beds full of colorful flowers but if you really can not resist the charms that are capable of raising plants in flower you can choose those that offer conspicuous white blooms. The white color makes the environment light and does not weigh the lightness that must have a garden of contemporary style.


As for the furniture, the most renowned stylist for years have attempted to design garden items imaginative harmonic lines that are well integrated into the surrounding landscape. You should choose a low table and chairs essential maybe made ​​in plastic or synthetic fibers that resist well to the elements without abandoning its functionality over the years. For example, the artificial rattan turns out to be a good choice: it has an affordable cost and a long life. The ideal plan is instead made ​​of tempered glass which gives all the furniture a very pleasant feeling of lightness.

With regard to the lighting there is nothing better than to make use of the solar lamps that fit into the ground during the day, when they are off, they are camouflaged in the grass and you do not notice it while in the evening create a delicate and very pleasant to live. They also allow significant energy savings: in fact they are not connected to the electricity grid but use solar energy. In a corner of the garden you can place a gazebo if he has clean lines and not too elaborate ones that are more suitable to be placed in a contemporary context are those made ​​simple waterproof fabric drapes collected in not too rich or heavy They look nice and allow you be distant in the garden even when the inclemency of the rays sun leaves no way out.