One of the most expensive parts of a house, when we go shopping, it’s definitely the kitchen , because of mechanical parts, refrigerator, microwave and mobile number, you get to spend a lot. More and more, thanks to the economic crisis of the last few years, people need to save and then inclined to construct their own furniture and recycle as already possesses. If you want to make your own, and spending very little (no more than 2.50 euro), in your kitchen, a rustic peninsula , then follow this guide. Just have to hand a table to recycle, a bit ‘of material left over from the construction of your kitchen and the necessary tools. Good luck and good reading.

Building a rustic peninsula in your kitchen is not an undertaking too difficult: you just need a little ‘good will and the material to be recycled. Take an old table that you find, the better if it has the drawers, which could help you, or else the peninsula will be used as a shelf or table for meals. Spend a coat of paint to the table, if this is too old, choosing a color that is as close as possible to that of the wood and at the same time the kitchen to make your country work, but like all the rest. Then left to dry for one night in the open air , in order to avoid that the acrid smell of paint remains at home.


Once this is done, you decide where to place the table in the kitchen. Obviously your peninsula must be attached on one side to the kitchen wall or to one of the furniture which compose it. To attach it you can just use the screws (which will cost you less than 2.50 euro) and do not forget to put some silicone to prevent water or food from falling behind the peninsula and stain the wall or create humidity.

Finally, if you still have the old marble of your kitchen, you can apply the marble top of the table, in order to unify the peninsula with the rest of the kitchen. To attach the marble, however, should be contacted an expert . To avoid spending more money, you can also paint the above table and then pass on the flatting for uniform color, highlight, but above all to isolate the whole. Try to choose a color that is as close as possible to that of marble or tile room.