In the market there are thousands of perfumes for the environment of various brands and various prices. actually very easy to create fragrances for the home DIY. It only takes a little ‘time and some ingredients readily available. You can indulge in the selection of perfumes and always try new ones, in order to find the fragrance that’s right for your home. how to make a homemade air freshener for the environment within simple steps.

You need:

* 95 ° alcohol
* Essential oils of your choice
* Water
* Wooden sticks
* Glass container

First take the ethyl alcohol at 95 °, okay any type commonly used in the kitchen. Clean very well, even with the same alcohol, a container of about 500 milliliters and make sure it’s dry and odor-free.
Pour a moderate amount of alcohol in the container and add 10-20 drops of essential oils, the amount will vary depending on how you want to be a strong scent. You can choose the fragrance or fragrances that you like and that you feel best suited for your home, each time creating a new combination.
classic Some fragrances are lavender, the bergamot, the orange, the pink, but there are lots of other smells more details and suitable for all kinds of tastes.


Stir the solution of alcohol and essential oils ; later add a good amount of water and stir again everything. decanted the mixture in a glass container, which is also clean and odorless; can choose a bottle cute, maybe colored or by particular form, it becomes also a nice piece of furniture for the room, as well as a simple container.

Finally, the prepared wooden sticks and if you want you can derive it from the long sticks that are used to prepare the skewers, cutting off the ends. dip them in the container and leave them in the perfume infuse for about 10 minutes, pass this time turn them so that they can begin to spread their fragrance into the surrounding environment. Remember to flip them every day, so they are always well soaked and release constantly their smell good. The fragrance will last approximately two weeks, past where the perfume will be consumed and will have lost its fragrance. But do not worry, now you know how to prepare in a short time a new perfume for the environment as you like!.