To make elegant and original our stay, an idea would be to build a gaming table , in addition to play checkers and chess, could be used for storing objects . Is mounted on casters that allow you to move more easily. The ability useful for storing games, is significant: at the top, the cabinet has a capable container into two parts. The table will consist of plywood, on which we are going to fix frames. Will be assembled by gluing and nailing. For the finish, you can decide whether to dye or paint the wood. To reinforce the appearance of the game board, you are going to cover one or more panels of felt. At the bottom of the container that opens to the fore, you are going to set the path for the games. Achieving a table, it’s pretty easy, just follow the steps in this guide.

Structure of the table. The game table will be made ​​in plywood with a thickness of 12 mm and strips of pine square of 22 X 22 mm. The panels will be nailed together and on the frame. The assembly of the uprights will occur in mid wood on the frame of the lower and upper panels. Once the Mobile will be completely assembled, we will proceed with the assembly of the casters. The wheels should be four and installed before the finish with dye and / or paint. It is advisable also realize a box for the nuts, using the strips of plywood with a thickness of 12 mm and two strips with the inner profile particular, to allow the random rotation of the nuts.


The carvings . Notches for the assembly of the strips of pine are performed with the help of a chisel, after being stuck with terminals . The different pieces of plywood should be cut with a circular saw or panels. Subsequently, open all the notches, on the strips used in the assembly of the uprights with a chisel.

The container . Sides And the bottom and F crosses G, H, J are assembled with joints and square pegs in round head. With a chisel to the wood, the notches made ​​on the edges of the sides E to the upper frame. The container on the upper side of the cabinet consists of a bottom panel F which have been nailed on the two sides E (notched), J the separation, the cross head side of the casing and the G side crosspiece of the drawer H. The sides E will be carved in order to receive the upper frame of the table.

The drawer . front and the back L, K as well as the sides of the drawer are assembled on the bottom M by nailing . The tray handle is constituted by a strip of pine that is nailed or screwed through the facade. The drawer consists of a simple rectangular box that fits into the container which has just constructed: Inchoate with nails for panels round head, which will set carefully in the center of the edges. Nailed, then, or screwed the handle of the drawer.

The bottom panel . To assemble the frame of the panel, glued and nailed to the battens , by tilting the nails in order to obtain a better seal. The bottom panel supports two frames: the one below is smaller to allow to obtain a space of indentation for the wheels. The large bottom panel receives the frame that is assembled against the same panel for gluing or nailing : the two lengths are doubly-carved wooden half to adapt the uprights. Below, is fixed a second reinforcing frame, shorter than the panel of 60 mm on all sides.

The uprights . Panel D is reinforced with strips set for nailing and gluing. The uprights are assembled to the casing of the container through assemblies in half wood, end. The connection of the top to the bottom panel is made ​​by using vertical strips which frame two panels D, which form the base. The strips are assembled to the container by means of a support frame which includes notches in mid wood.

The upper frame . traverses central chassis are assembled on the slots in the sides of E. The upper frame is glued and nailed to the top of the case: to help you. fixed boards with clamps. The upper frame is intended to receive the fixed panel A and the fore B. E ‘consists of four strips at 45 ° square corners and mounted on the container by gluing and nailing. The two lengths are notched to receive the beams that support the doors.

The finish . limelight The panel is fixed by hinges narrow fit using the chisel . Screw on each corner a wheel pivot, choosing the type of carpet or smooth floor, as appropriate. The game table is closed by a flap, hinges on two narrow, for those cases, which incarcerate with a chisel to the wood. After having screwed the pivoting wheels, that there will remain smooth and finally paint or dye all surfaces of the cabinet.