The historical period in which we live is characterized not only by the economic crisis, but also a considerable environmental crisis. Because of the waste and damage to the ecosystem caused by man to selfishness, it is estimated that in about fifty years’ we will need the resources of two planets. It is for this reason that many industries are directing our gaze on sustainable design: the case of design in recent years has been focusing on the study and use of recycled materials and environmentally friendly. It is not a coincidence that the last time you are making place, furnishing solutions that use furniture, wood or cardboard, which in addition to being eco-friendly materials are also at low cost. Let us see how to build a library in cardboard.


The advantage of building our furniture in cardboard reside mainly in the fact that this material has a very low cost, but above all in the fact that it is readily available. Tin panels of recycled cardboard by robust internal texture very thick. Let us assume then that you want to achieve the “Seller XI” of the Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos with cardboard. We need then to 3 board, cardboard size 40 x 200 cm and four tables of size 50 x 100 cm. By performing the cuts as shown in the tables, these can be assembled up to get our library XI. The special feature of this furniture is that it is not necessary to achieve them use glue or other legends, but, being very careful to use the right steps and a lot of foresight when making the cuts, the different components will click together perfectly.

Another type of library that can be achieved with the cardboard, is the “library cloud”, which has the particularity of being able to be hung on the wall. So many boxes: serve 20 of the faces that make up the boxes. We take the first and draw our cloud, inside which realize a rectangle of about 30 cm in height and 40 in width. We cut to the cloud and the inner rectangle and use the template to redraw the exact same shape on other sheets of cardboard. Once you have obtained so a score of silhouettes of the same cloud of holes, we can glue them on one another, creating a stack of sheets of cardboard cut out. Simply add hooks and hang it on the wall, after which we can begin to tuck our books inside the rectangle.