The mosaic is an artistic expression in which small portions of a given material are placed next to each other in such a way so as to create various types of decorative getting a particular and distinctive visual effect. Following the advice in this guide, you will to create you also work with a mosaic effect. can realize it in an economic way, using the colored sheets detached from old magazines that there are more useful and that in any case, should be discarded. Take a sheet of paper and a cardboard both white, colored pencils, an eraser, a soft pencil for drawing, a ruler, colored pencils, scissors, and a bottle of glue. Run it on page one sketch to represent the reason you want to create.

Now take the card and exportation more precisely, the design that you have done on the sheet with colored pencils, spread quickly and in a concise manner, a little ‘color in every form: this will then simplify the positioning of the pieces of paper, according to their various colors and shades needed.
Having collected a lot ‘of old magazines full of colored pages, place them on the work surface and pull the sheets that show the colors you need. then cut the strips of paper with the aid of pencil and ruler (do the signs on the side behind, compared to the one with the color to be used) to get them very straight. You have to later reduce in many squares of about an inch in size.


Divide the colors well keeping them separate from each other: it will be much easier to know where to find the colors as you need. With a brush, start to spread on the design, a bit ‘at a time, a thin layer of glue and started to attack the first squares of paper that you have prepared, spacing them about an inch between them. careful not to spread the glue on spaces too big or dirty the first time, and then proceed gradually, a little ‘glue and a little’ squares. If you have trouble wrapping your fingers around the tiny squares of paper, you can help with the tip of a needle or toothpick almost as if you infiltrator gently and place them on paper with the aid of his fingers, then press lightly to secure.

If the design requires it, cropped, in addition to squares, also some different shape, such as small dots, triangles etc. Once all the pieces were attached, check that there are no traces of glue, if necessary remove them with a dry brush. When everything is completely dry, put a mosaic on heavy volume (or two stacked) of the same size of the card and leave it a few hours, will be used to pave card , it is the glue squares of paper, tend, wiping, to make it slightly wavy. Behold, your job is now ready . You can make it more important than spreading evenly over the entire surface, a coat of special varnish for paper, then you can frame it and hang it next to your desk, for example.