When we have children at home, it is crucial that they have a playground where they will spend the day alone or with friends. It may seem hard to believe, but for children it is necessary to have an “own space” for fun and games. Designing a playground for a child requires a great imagination and a great commitment. In addition, security should remain the main concern . In fact, according to statistics, are in constant growth the children who die from accidents in the home. The following guide will give you some tips on how to create a play area in which the entire family can enjoy.

how to create

Many homes already have the foundation for a good game room. I recommend you use the spacious walls of your home. In fact, the walls can be used to hang the message boards, stands true for art projects or it can be used a paint that transforms the walls of your home in a giant blackboard ready to be painted by your children . This paint, of course, is easy to clean and can be found in the best shops of DIY.

Also, it is important to use the empty spaces you have available. If in your house there are rooms that are not being used to their full potential, cellars or warehouses, these are good points to begin the work of transformation. The positive aspect of this area is the ability to create a playful mood. Remember, however, that the recreational settings should be sunny and bright. If a play area in the basement, try to make it light (using natural light where possible and otherwise). All windows should be out of the reach of children and the cords of blinds should not be hanging out to avoid any possibility of strangulation.

Moreover, it is very important to choose toys for your children wisely. Absolutely not ignore age limits labels on the box, do not buy toys with small parts that your baby could swallow, which could become the cause of suffocation. Buy fun toys that encourage children to climb, jump and other healthy physical activities. Finally, it is important that adults play with the children.