A lamp shaped sponge, a sponge lamp, is an element decorative effect very original and insured. Transforming a real natural sponge in a lamp is an idea, but it is quite complicated and considering the cost of the real sea sponges, not worth it. Snatch such a precious marine product to satisfy our whim to have a nice lamp no, it is definitely worth it. However, we must not give up our sponge lamp with a simple roll of paper tape, we can solve the problem brilliantly and get sponge effect made ​​absolutely realistic . For those who have not ever used, the paper tape is a special kind of tape and is available commercially in very easily.

We take for granted seems to have electricity already complete, you may some shade that we have removed the decorative part, or an electric kit complete with bulb holder and switch the ignition. Let’s focus on the implementation of the party will take the form of a sponge. Our artificial sponge, we can call it that, will be built in two phases, will build two halves to stick together. Take the sheet of acetate and with a marker indelible draw the shape of the central part of the sponge. We can draw a sphere or an oval. Since the sponges never have a precise shape, the same way we can draw a shape somewhat irregular.


Now start building real sponge. We start by cutting a small piece of tape paper about the size of three centimeters, Aristotelian of himself making more than a round and leaving the sticky side out. We place the roll thus created on the acetate sheet, perpendicular to the line drawn. We continue in the same way, until it covers of paper rolls of tape around the border drawn. At this point, we continue creating our rolls and placing them on top of those already settled, placing the new ones slightly inward. We must continue creating levels after ever closer, until a cap closed. Once you have completed this part, we detach our half artificial sponge from acetate sheet and put it aside. Start over with the process to form the other half of the lamp, this time we will not get to fully close the surface on the top, but leave an open enough to put everything on the lamp holder. After this new cap, moustachioed from the sheet of acetate and unipolar to that previously achieved. The sponge is ready lamp and placed it on our support and we just have to turn on the light.

I must say though, our new lamp has a flaw, being made ​​of scotch is very sticky and the dust knows. You can sprinkle it and once the dust has attached to the scotch does not rise any more. Do not despair, we can solve the problem by adding an artistic touch and more luminous. Once packed our light, we can sprinkle with micro-beads. It is very small beads of glass, not perforated, which are used for decorations and lately also for the nail art. ‘ll Need a fair amount to cover the entire lamp. Since this is made ​​of scotch, with a little pressure on the surface, the beads adhere easily and give a beautiful touch of sparkle more than the lamp. The dust will accumulate still inexorable and even in this case we can not dust, but every now and then we blow the lamp with the phone , hair and dust fly away, unable to stick to scotch covered by micro-beads.